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Truck Accidents

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 14, 2015

When a truck accident occurs on the narrow city streets of New York, especially when a truck overturns, the damages are likely to be enormous. The chances for both property destruction and physical harm to people and pets are great.

Pursuing a monetary award after a trucking accident is likely to prove much more complicated than after a simple motor vehicle accident.

The reasons why have much to do with the potential sheer size of these such accidents and the likelihood that quite a few parties, some of which very well could be large multinational corporation, will either bear responsibility for, and have a financial interest in, the event.

When a commercial truck crashes into a building, or collides with another motorist, the chances that a chain reaction occurs, with injuries to many people and damage to an enormous amount of property, are high.

As such, the need for a qualified and highly seasoned personal injury law firm such as Simon Bennett Robbins Oppenheim & Taft is absolutely critical.

Identifying the negligent parties after a truck accident in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, or elsewhere in the tri-state area, be it involving an 18-wheeler, a big rig, an oil tanker, a tractor trailer, or any manner of smaller commerically owned and operated vehicle, can only be achieved through careful and thorough analysis of all of the facts surrounding your case.

Perhaps the driver was solely to blame, as so often is the case. Improper and reckless turning, breaking, lane-changing, and acceleration have all been to known to cause horrible truck accidents. So too, sadly, is impairment of the driver due to either drugs, alcohol, or sleep deprivation.

There could have been maintenance issues or problems that caused a mechanical breakdown. Other equipment under the hood could have been flawed or damaged. The list of possibilities is long and requires the savvy of a skilled personal injury law firm for thorough examination.

No matter how or why a truck accident takes place, the truck driver never is the one most critically injured. It's always the driver of the other car, motorcycle, or SUV.

Simon Bennett Robbins Oppenheim & Taft has been aggressively championing for more than nine decades the rights of our clients who have been injured in all manner of trucking accidents. We will vigorously pursue your truck accident claim, ensuring you are fully compensated for your doctor's bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, destruction of property, lost future earnings, as well as possible punitive damages.

In cases involving commercial vehicles, there almost certainly is going to be an insurance company with deep pockets and tremendous resources working to minimize the amount you are paid. They almost certainly will dispatch an attorney or other agent to the scene of the accident. You should never speak to an insurance company's attorney.

Simon Bennett Robbins Oppenheim & Taft will speak on your behalf so you are not locked into a statement made under extreme physical and emotional duress. We are fearless and zealous defenders of the rights of our clients, no matter how small or large the possible monetary award may be.

New York is one of the largest states in the country, with more than 19 million full-time residents as of the last census. And that number is only growing as the governor continually presses for more business-friendly regulations in the hopes of attracting both start-up companies as well as offshore conglomerates to relocate here. Accordingly, then, the need for commercial products carried by commercial vehicles is only going to rise.

Hence, truck accidents are inevitable. When they do occur, the toll they take in terms of loss of life and life-changing injuries can be unspeakably bad. If you, a family member, or another loved one has been involved in a truck accident anywhere in South Florida, we encourage you to immediately call us.

Simon Bennett Robbins Oppenheim & Taft looks forward to speaking with you.